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MuséoSeine tells the story of the river, its landscape and the people who live there in an original and interactive way. It’s the ideal starting point for learning about the Seine Valley from Rouen down to Le Havre.

MuséoSeine is situated right on the banks of the Seine and has a great amount of modern technology incorporated into its contemporary layout. The museum is divided into different interactive zones, each of which is designed to include something for everyone.

Tours start by visiting a Seine gribane-the last surviving example of these traditional working riverboats.

Next, you will be taken back in time to some significant places beside the river, where you’ll be immersed in the lives of the people who lived along the Seine.

Further on, you can relive the awesome power of the tidal bore- le mascaret, as well as the see other features, such as Pilotage, where you find yourself in the shoes of a river-pilot, fishing on the Seine or even leisure and past-times, all recreated from artefacts and archive footage and photographs.


MuséoSeine provides a games booklet for children aged 6-11, to guide them around and learn whilst having fun!

Each child leaves with their booklet and a gift of a flip-book illustrating le mascaret!

In a dedicated area, children can play at being sailors and take the helm of a ship.

Games involving hearing, touching and recognition help them learn about the river through play! There’s many activities to keep kids occupied whilst you can also fully enjoy your visit!



…the history of the lower Seine, the people and landscape with MuséoSeine, the Normandy Seine’s own museum…



…the gangplank aboard a traditional gribane boat: from the deck overlooking the river, the meanders of the Seine spread out before you, firing your imagination…



…the waterway,calling in at the settlements along the its banks. From Quillebeuf-sur-Seine to Jumièges, holographic characters come from the past to tell you about their lives and times…


Cast off

….and let yourself be carried along the River Seine of yesterday and today…



….at the formidable phenomenon of le mascaret! Relive the frivolity of leisure time spent on the Seine in the 1920’s. Discover the techniques of pilotage, fishing and of crossing the river-which was historically rather hazardous…



…the present and future of the river, transformed by human intervention.



Avenue Winston Churchill

76490 Caudebec en Caux

+33 (0)2 35 95 90 13



Single entry: 5€ unguided, 6€ guided visit.

Reduced price*: 3.50€ unguided, 4.50€ guided visit.

Schools & youth groups: 2€/person unguided, 3€ guided visit.

Family pass: 14€ four 2 adults & 2 children (1€ for each extra child over 6).

Annual pass (unlimited access for 1 year): 12€.

Museum birthday party: 3€/child

FREE ENTRY for children under 6, students, members of ‘Les amis du musée’, ICOM/SFHN members and ‘Ambassadeurs 76’, on presentation of proof.

*reduced price for jobseekers, seniors (over 65), children and groups of over 10, on presentation of proof.


Tuesday to Sunday
February to June 1pm – 6.30pm
July & August 10am – 6.30pm
September to November 1pm – 6.30pm
December & January Closed



Office de Tourisme Caux Vallée de Seine

Office de Tourisme Caux Vallée de Seine - Maison de l'intercommunalité allée du Catillon - 76170 Lillebonne - Normandie - France

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